The Java Partners Specialty Marketing Program is unique and will help our business and political partners to sustain an on-going, every day item that will highlight your logo, call to action, campaign mission and much more.

Single Serve Coffee is one of the fastest growing consumer products in America. Our firm has developed a unique way for our clients to take advantage of this idea by creating lids that are unique and seen every day for your customers and prospective customers.

This is a great tool to generate sales for your sales team, remind your existing customers that you care about them by providing great product that they will use daily and, set you apart form your competition.

The lids we produce will work on any single serve machine,They are not stickers.  The lids are part of the actual cup and are custom deigned and produced.

Choose from many options on how to effectively use this kind of marketing. Our firm will help you with every detail.

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