Java Partners is just one part of a larger organization that has been in business for over 30 years. We have started this program to benefit your organization with a fundraiser that is unique and far reaching. How many people do you know drink coffee? More importantly, how many do you think are using single serve machines?

The idea is simple. We produce coffee in cups that have your brand on the lid such as your logo, mission statement or just something you want to share with your members daily.

There is no cost to you for any part of this campaign, we handle everything from taking the orders to delivery to customer service. All you have to do is let your members know about the program so they can support your mission by participating in it.

On a monthly basis we pay your organization a fee based on all of the sales from your members. It is a win-win program. You have a great unique way to raise funds and your members get a great cup of coffee at competitive prices delivered right to their door.

To hear more and talk about the details call us at 800-613-5110 now or fill out Organization Registration Form on this page and we will be in touch. Thanks!!

Lid Design Tips For Organizations To Consider:

1. What is your organizations vision or mission?

2. Would you want to use your logo and or logo colors on the lid?

3. What message do you want to say each time your followers drink a cup of coffee?

4. What would you like to include on the lid? Full logo? Message? Call to Action? Web Address?

5. Would you prefer to design your own lid and just have us format it to work on the template?

1 Register Your Business
Register Your Business
2 Discuss Your Goals
Discuss Your Goals
3 Sell Your Coffee
Sell Your Coffee